HomelessBackpack.net is accepting donations in three ways:

1. First, we are grateful for any cash donations you can contribute (use the above form).

This will help us reach our goal of $30,000 by June 30, 2019. This money will be used to improve and expand the HomelessBackpack.net website, to make it even easier for those interested to start projects of their own. We will also strengthen the bond between the local projects and HomelessBackpack.net in order to share information such as how to raise money for projects, what products are consistently requested by recipients and how to source products most efficiently. We will reach out to corporations and manufacturers to set up bulk donations and purchases that can benefit multiple local projects. We will publicize HomelessBackpack.net and the network of local projects through the Internet and social media (#homelessbackpacknetwork) to draw in a much wider support demographic.

2. Second, we now have a Wish List on Amazon.com

If you are an Amazon.com shopper, you can now buy the things we need and have them sent directly to us in Santa Fe (address below). Their wish lists are like wedding registries. We've found some bulk items we can use and would order ourselves. There are items on our list in a wide price range. If you are able to order a few of these things for the Homeless Backpack Network, it would help greatly. Here's a link to our Amazon.com Homeless Backpack Network wish list: AMAZON.COM LIST

3. Third, we are now accepting direct donations of used, good-condition backpacks.

Backpacks are the life blood of this project and most often, the proxy homes of the recipients. Having a strong, well-designed and practical backpack influences every moment of a homeless person's life and we would like to contribute to this. While project finances may allow us to purchase medium quality and size packs, there are thousands or millions of high-quality packs which are 'extras' in garages, basements and closets throughout the land which could be of great benefit to the homeless. If you have packs like these, we would love it if you would donate them to us at HomelessBackpack.net. They will be used, firstly, in our local project here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and any excess will be distributed to other affiliated projects. Information on how to send them to us is below.

Watch this short video on what kind of packs we can and can't use:

1 - Size-wise, we are looking for 30 liter or larger, all the way up to full-size backpacking packs. A 30 liter pack looks like a large daypack. See photo above which is about 30 liters. Smaller packs are not adequate for our purpose.
2 - Style-wise, we can't use school packs where the interior is divided into slots for books, pads or computers. We need large interior compartments for clothes, food, hygiene supplies and camping things.
3 - The packs don't have to be new but must be sound. No broken straps or zippers as these are just too costly and time-consuming to repair.
4 - The packs don't have to be perfectly clean, we can clean them, but must be hygienically clean and safe for re-use.
5 - Pack colors should be as subdued as possible. Blacks, browns, blues, greens, dark reds etc. are good but not large flower prints or very bright colors as these draw unwanted attention.
6 - Internal frame packs are good but NOT the old style aluminum external frame packs. They are just too inconvenient when traveling by bus or car.


Donating backpacks requires you to pack them up and send them via USPS (U.S. Postal Service), UPS or FedEx. Generally, they don't need any padding or special packaging but please make sure they are empty and meet the shippers requirements so they will arrive at their destination. The least expensive method of shipping should be fine. The U.S. Postal Service and UPS seem to be cheapest at this time. Shipping by these carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx) will probably cost you between $20-$30 per pack if you pack them in boxes yourself. We know this is a commitment in time and money for you and we appreciate it very much. Your prized backpack will truly become a home for someone on the streets. You can send them to us at the address below.


Our address for sending backpacks or items from our Amazon.com Wish List:


C/O David Goldberg
212 Spruce Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501